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Advantages and disadvantages of living in Goa

In this part I would like to share my personal experience regarding my life in the smallest state of India which is called Goa and specify all good and bad aspects of living here. I have been residing here for more than 3 years so far enjoying myself fully in this place and trying to explore the state in my leisure time travelling around the place. I live (Colva Benaulim beach) after I had moved out from Delhi, where I had been living for more than 2 years.

For sure at least once in your life you have thought of living somewhere in a hot place surrounded by palm trees with the seaside just close by your house, haven't you? Or maybe you are considering spending your retirement in a peaceful and exotic place? Or maybe you are just fed up with your work and want to rest somewhere for a while?
In this blog post I will try to show you all the pros of living in so called paradise as well as its cons which you may think they don't exist. You can judge yourself if life in a place like Goa is just for you.

1. Variety of beaches, beach shacks and other attractions

There are so many beautiful beaches in this state which make the state so much attractive for the both Indian and non Indian tourist. Lots of people treat Goan beach as a place of relaxing, socializing and doing activities. You can come for a long walk at the sunset or even sunrise, do sports like jogging, riding a bike along the long shore which seem to never end, swim, dive or do water sport. The list is so long. Moreover, every beach seems to have a bit different ambiance, some beaches are extremely peaceful and quiet, others are more vivid and entertaining. It depends on you where you would like to spend your holidays or live.

Moreover, there are so many atmospheric beach shacks which serve really affordable and delicious food such as seafood and other Indian specialties. You can eat dinner at sunrise or just come for lunch or beer during the day, relax and take a swim. Ever beach shack has some number of beach beds on which you can stretch your lazy body:)

In Goa there are also plenty of tourist attractions like: Anjuna flea markets on Wednesday, Night Market in Arpora, visiting Dudhsagar waterfall, going on a tour around southern and northern beaches, going by cruise on Sal river, sightseeing of the capital of Goa or Old Goa.

The best of Goa in the u tube film below:

2. Nutritive food, healthy life in the harmony with nature
Apart from the food you can buy in the atmospheric shacks, you can purchase variety of healthy vegetables and juicy fruit like mangoes, grapes, pomegranates, bananas, dragon fruits, jack fruits, melons and others at local greengrocers'. Most of the are fresh and free from chemicals. You can feel that the quality of the food is so much better and healthier.

In many places or on the beaches you can buy fish and prawns straight from the boat. In other stalls one can buy sugar cane juice or refreshing coconut water at really cheap prices. Proper diet and other activities will keep you healthy and fit as well as keep a doctor away. In Goa I really don't know what doctor is because I rarely fall ill or catch a cold.

If you want to live in the harmony with nature Goa is a place for you. You can hire a hut on the beach or a house surrounded by palm trees nearby the sea from which you can hear birds chirping and other beautiful sounds of nature. Lots of people practice yoga here because they can find perfect conditions on the beach or on the terrace of their houses.

3. Stress-less life far away from rat race
In Goa you can feel that the time slows down and stops for a while just to speed up just for a while to slow down again. Nobody cares about deadlines, schedule because life is quite lazy and nobody rushes anywhere and anyone. You can fully relax and forget about worries of the city life. In Goa I discovered that I had wasted so much time living in Delhi or previously in Poznan commuting, getting stuck in jams just to do simple activities.

Here everything what you need to survive is within walking distance: variety of local shops, restaurants, chemists, cafes, beach shacks, and entertainment places. There are also plenty of dental offices, doctor offices and beauty saloons. You feel you finally have more time for daily activities which makes you more motivated and inspired.
The rat race doesn't exist due to lack of corporate companies and the character of the place. People focus more on socializing and enjoying themselves rather than working and beating the competition. It doesn't mean that people don't work here or don't want to make money, people have a different approach to work issues and time. Life starts with the sunrise and finishes with the sunset.

4. Life is simple here
You don't need as many things as you need to live in the city, for instance you don't need to buy so many clothes because the weather is quite the same and predictable and you need just a good pair of flip flops, comfortable dress, a top or a pair of shorts. Forget about all these shoe models which you need for 4 season weather, forget about socks, jackets, sweaters and coats.
You don't need make up because firstly, it is too hot for that and secondly, you get a nice suntan which makes you look much better as long as you sunbathe reasonably:). Humid climate is a blessing to your skin which is always moisturized. You can go for a massage at the beach shack whenever you like without making an appointment.
You don't need a fancy mean of transport because a motor scooter or a small car is just perfect for the Goan roads. Besides, you can always use public transport like tuk-tuk or take a taxi.

Glimpse at Goan roads:

5. Friendly atmosphere and people
Wherever you go you meet nice and friendly people who would like to chat with you and strike up a small talk. The energy of the place is absolutely positive and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. There are some people who want to sell you something but it doesn't stop them from being friendly and helpful. You can always refuse to buy something or eat in some place. Nobody hassles you to do so. People simply smile at you and it is normal here!

6. Entertainment
In Goa there are lots of places of entertainment such as karaoke bars, live music bars, night clubs and casinos. If you are a party goer or a trance music lover you should choose the north for instance, Baga or Calangute beach if you like more peaceful atmosphere you should visit the south for example, Colva beach or Palolem beach. Alcohol is Goa is affordable that's why this place attracts so many Indian tourist who can finally enjoy themselves fully especially if they come from the places where parting is really expensive (Delhi , Mumbai) or alcohol is prohibited (Gujarat). In Goa there are both night clubs with affordable prices as well as exclusive clubs which can burn a hole in your pocket.

7. Climate and weather is rather friendly
Although Goa is considered to be a hot and very humid place its climate is rather friendly for the tourists. You can see lots of elder people residing here who are used to the Goan climate. If you wish to avoid really hot weather you can always find a cool hideout in the beach shacks or sit in the shade. On the beach there is almost always nice breeze from the sea which makes the climate really cool and not so hot. Everyone has here AC or fans installed on the ceiling which gives you some relief during the day if you stay in. Lots of people are used to going out in the evening to see the sunset and eat dinner out because shops, bars and restaurants stay open till late.
The pre-monsoon period, from March to May, is the hottest of
the year, and the temperature can reach 35/36 °C (95/97 °F), but it does not get as hot as in other parts of India. This partly happens also in the period following the monsoon, in October and November, when the temperature rises again and can reach 34/35 °C (93/95 °F). In winter, from December to February, the weather is normally hot and sunny. Besides, in Goa we have a monsoon season which starts in the mid of June and finishes in October. Some days especially in July are really rainy and it is hard to go out but on the other hand nature blooms beautifully and you can rest from the tourist season waiting patiently for the rain to stop.
I will move on to the aforementioned disadvantages of Goa
1.Power cuts In Goa power cuts happen unfortunately quite often and may make you irritated especially if you are a digital nomad, you work on the computer or it is really hot and you can't use AC. The power cut breaks fortunately don't last long (usually a few minutes) but once or twice a year during the monsoon season when it is stormy we can expect 2 - day power cut which is a pain in the neck. Solution: You can buy power a inverter and use it, however it doesn't help when the power cuts take a long time.
2. Bureaucracy The term bureaucracy refers not only to Goa but all India and may make you stop to like this place for a moment. It is hard to settle down your visa extension or other red tape connected with regulating your residential status here. Completing formalities in India requires lots of office visits, calls, patience and knowledge how the things should be settled down in such a country like India. You must see the police station for verification, submit lots of documents which seem to unnecessary from a logical point of view and answer lots of questions. Sometimes you need to travel to other cities like Mumbai to complete your formalities like obtaining a resident card. The Bureaucracy machine in India works differently from other countries in Europe and it is hard for people from western countries to understand that. This situation is also caused by the corruption and abusing power by the clerks or policemen who seem to do whatever they like. However, things have started to improve a bit since they introduced online system of reservation and submitting applications have become necessary. Hopefully, in the future the situation will look more normal.
3. Shortage of specialists and specialized shops You may have a problem with finding a proper specialist who could fix your computer or a broken fan. Other things like buying good quality electronic devices or some sort of clothes may cause some problems due to lack of hands of work in the IT or electronics sectors. These who are qualified look for employment abroad or in other cities like Mumbai or Bangalore. However, if you get know more people who have lived here much longer you also find out how to overcome problems and solve them, you meet people who can help you and if you share your problem with the local people they will do their best to give you a hand.
As for the shopping for more sophisticated products, fortunately, we have online shopping websites line Amazon on which you do the shopping and get the goods delivered home within a few working days.
4. No employment opportunities If you aren't an English pensioner :), work remotely or run your own business, possibly you are in Goa working in a project it would be hard for you to find a job which could be a good source of income. Another mail-stone could be lack of work permit which you are allowed to obtain on some specific justified conditions.
5. Monsoon season can be perceived either as an advantage or a disadvantage For some people this is the time of rest from the heat and tourists and for the others the time of stagnation and maybe a good time to visit their your family in Europe, which I do almost every year. When it rains it is hard to go out anywhere if you don't wear a proper raincoat. The beach doesn't look so beautiful because almost all the temporary beach shacks don't exist and the sea is quite rough. There are however some days without rain especially in August or September during which you can enjoy sunny weather or even take a swim or visit some of the permanent beach shacks. Moreover, in some places in the southern part: Palolem, Colva, Cavelossim, Benaulim, Agonda or in the north: Baga,Calangute, Candolim you can still have a good time because such places stay quite busy, beach life goes on and many things happen.
During the monsoon season you see lots of Indian tourists coming to the state for fun and relax, so it is a perfect opportunity to observe life of the local people as well as pick up some hotel bargain due to the lower rates. Goa during the monsoon season looks so green and luscious and riding a bike or a scooter is just a wonderful experience.

In summary, life in Goa is very pleasant despite the mentioned disadvantages, which for some of you can be a big obstacle. However, the standard of living in Goa is improving every year and I think it will be much higher in the future, which is also affecting the increasing number of residents coming here. So if you're thinking about living in Goa and have some source of income to get by, you can say to Goa definitely YES.

Goa in May, during lockdown 2020


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