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Why is India such an exciting country to visit?

After more than 6 years of living and travelling in this country I can answer this question without any hesitation and doubts. I will give you the list of reasons which I hope you will agree or even if you do not, the article will at least encourage you to come here.

India is a wonderful country which is worth coming for a few basic reasons:

1. Variety of places, cultures and languages

First of all, India is a country which has really much to offer from amazing and beautiful palaces, forts, tombs, breath-taking temples to the Himalaya mountains, virgin islands, backwaters, deserts, National parks and the seaside. Everyone can always find something for themselves. The country is both suitable for adventure seekers, nature lovers, climbers, hikers and history buffers. It is the matter of making a proper itinerary to make your journey memorable experience.  There are 29 states and seven Union territories which makes this country so much mind blowing and exciting. Every state has unique culture cuisine, traditions and language so there is definitely plenty to explore.

2.  The dose of emotions and spirituality

India is a country that undoubtedly evokes emotions and a state of elation. Everyone who has ever visited India did not pass by this country indifferently. It is related to the contrasts of India which evoke feelings from extreme delight to rejection, feeling which makes you think more profoundly and force to  reflection. That is why it is worth coming here  to confront our perceptions with reality, go beyond European framework and reflect on the world and its functioning. Such topics will undoubtedly arise during the trip to India and will stay in us long, long after that. This country is extremely complicated I would say mysterious, which forces us to search, deepen our knowledge, re flexion or return to India over and over again. You don't leave India, India stays with you, therefore journey to India can be called as a spiritual tour.
I will quote here several quotes from books about India:

"This is not England, or New Zealand, or Australia. . . . This is India, man. This is India. This is the land of the heart. This is where the heart is king, man. . . . That’s why you’re free. That’s why that cop gave you back your phony passport. That’s why you can walk around, and not get picked up, even though they know who you are. They looked at all what you did here and how the people in that slum love you and they thought, ‘Well, he f***ed up in Australia, but he’s done some good sh** here.’ . . . That’s how we keep this place together — with the heart. . . . There’s no place with people like my people, Lin. There’s no heart like the Indian heart".
Gregory David Roberts, Shantaram
"India is in every field the infinity of gods and myths, beliefs and languages, races and cultures, in all and everywhere, where to look and think, the dizzying endlessness begins".
Ryszard Kapuściński, Travels with Herodotus
"Who loves India knows that it is not known exactly why one loses his head. They are dirty, poor, infected: sometimes thieving and lying, often smelly, rotten, ruthless and indifferent.
And yet, if you meet them once, you can't do without them. If you go far, you suffer. But that's what love is: instinctive, inexplicable, selfless ...
India - unless you hate it on first encounter - quickly causes this elation: there everyone feels part of creation. In India, we never feel alone, never completely separated from the rest. That is their charm, "wrote Tiziano Terzani, an Italian reporter and longtime correspondent for" Der Spiegla

3. The people are really friendly and hospitable

Meeting locals in India is a big pleasure which would make your holidays even  better and more interesting. India is a country of big heart and great hospitality. Being invited to a meal by Indian family should be really beautiful thing which can make your time pass in a pleasant way. Being invited to stay is a heart touching and educational experience which will stay in your mind forever. Thanks to such experience you can get to know real India together with its mysterious customs and traditions. Our travel agency organize special package called Unique Himalaya tour with yoga and Indian family home stay.

4. The food

Indian cuisine is said to be very varied and delicious as well as a paradise for vegans and vegetarians.
Tasting food at Indian stalls, restaurants, bars is a unique experience which makes you love this country even more or maybe make you give up or cut down on eating meat. The tastes of India differ in every state and that makes India even more interesting and attractive to visit.  You can try both Indian fast food which you can’t get surely in your country as well as eat more healthy and delicious food in the rich selection of restaurants.

5. Shopping

Shopping experience in India is something which nobody can miss! The art of bargaining can’t be forgotten of course. In India shopping is just the best ever. You can get things really of great quality and at reasonable prices.
Things which should be bought are : spices, textiles, oils, perfumes, handicrafts, paintings, home décor, ayurvedic cosmetics, medications  and many many others.


Lots of people definitely choose India as a perfect yoga destination. India gives a perfect opportunity to stay in one of the famous ashrams or yoga centers scattered all over the country. Yoga followers find India a wonderful place to stay close to the nurture, find harmony and peace somewhere in Rishikesh – international yoga center, Goa or other famous ashrams situated in peaceful scenery of India.

7. Ayurveda

The other reason for coming to India is trying and undergoing treatment therapy in ayurvedic centre or ayurvedic hospital which India is definitely famous for due to 4000 year tradition. People visit India to treat their aliments, health problems or just boost their immunity system. One can stay in a less or more luxury centers and undergo various therapies which are properly adjusted to people to cure their health problems. The health packages include morning meditations, massages, proper diet and application of ayurvedic medications. 


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